La Bastide Aux Coquelicots… happiness itself

Built on a rocky spur, la lauve, which is richly watered by le Loup, running off over time, this Bastide was built close to an ancient Roman fortification, at an altitude of 430 metres. Constructed over several terraces, it is a true sanctuary with a multitude of blossoming mimosas, jasmines, lemon trees, orange trees, grapefruit trees, kiwi trees, pomegranate trees and other citrus fruits, as well as other fragrant varieties originating in Guadeloupe. A myriad of flowers and southern fragrances with laurel, mint and rosemary delighting your mind and senses.

In this property of 3311 m² which is south-facing, small landscaped pathways enable you to wander among the plants. A few rest areas will welcome you in this exceptional environment in which birdsong and the clicking of grasshoppers; don’t miss out on seeing the curious little lizards which quickly disappear under an island of flowers. In the shade of the oak and pine trees, in complete tranquility, you will be able to delight in a veritable voyage through fragrances and the senses.


Terraces, overhanging the horizon, verdant vegetation and the sea. A few boats have moored in the port of Antibes, dreaming of adventure…